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How do you make non-alcoholic gin?

How do you make non-alcoholic gin?

How is alcohol-free 'gin' made? Some non-alcoholic spirits are made using the same process as for low-ABV ones: with a neutral grain spirit and botanicals being added to a still, which then go through multiple rounds of distillation to remove all the alcohol from the liquid.

What is alcohol-free gin made of?

At the beginning of the year, Square Root London launched a premixed alcohol-free gin & tonic. The gin part of the drink is made using brewed juniper distillate, as well as steam distilled botanicals such as coriander, cardamom, Persian dried lime, Sicilian lemon peel, and liquorice.

What tastes like gin but is non-alcoholic?

Atopia, spiced citrus But Atopia is the best low-alcohol gin substitutes we have tried. Adding it to tonic gives a distinct hit of juniper followed by floral notes, cinnamon and lemon. You could probably give this to your gin-loving friend and they would never suspect that there's almost no alcohol in here.