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How do you buy Costco returns?

How do you buy Costco returns?

Contact Your Local Costco Store Identify yourself as a liquidator or salvage company, making your intentions clear, and ask to speak to the RTV (return to vendor) manager or the receiving manager. These are the people responsible for what happens to products that are returned.

Does Costco have an auction site?

Costco Wholesale Liquidation Auctions is the official B2B liquidation marketplace of the nations top membership-only warehouse club, Costco Wholesale. Only approved buyers can view Costco auctions.

What does Costco do with excess inventory?

The company donates excess inventory and returns to Good360, which we then distribute to some of our 41,000 nonprofit partners. A wide variety of Costco products enable these nonprofits to expand their programs serving their communities and people in need.