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How do I age my homebrew?

How do I age my homebrew?

Temperature 55°F (12.8°C) has become a widely accepted temperature for aging most ales. Lagers aren't usual suspects for cellaring, but a good rule to follow is to aim to keep beer cellar temperatures about 10°F below the temperature at which the beer is fermented.

How do you prepare a barrel for aging?

How to Re-Char An Oak BarrelRemove the bung and spigot from the barrel.Leave the barrel to air dry for 3 hours.Insert a flexible butane lighter in to the spigot hole.Ignite the lighter and slowly turn the barrel to add a fresh char.Rinse the barrel to remove any loose debris.

How do you age a sour barrel?

We age most of our sour beer in used red wine barrels and since we only want a small amount of barrel character seeping into those beers, we soak them by filling them with 180º F water and waiting until the wood expands and they stop leaking.