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How can I find the meaning of a song?

How can I find the meaning of a song?

The 6 Best Websites to Find Song Meanings and InterpretationsSongMeanings. Arguably the best song meanings website, SongMeanings, has been around for decades. Songfacts. This one provides something a little different than lyric interpretation websites. Genius. Lyric Interpretations. LyricsMode. Wikipedia.Nov 11, 2020

What does the song do what you can do mean?

The song is full of images of life from the pandemic, with the chorus urging us to do the best we can for ourselves and for each other during difficult times.

How are popular songs structured?

One of the most popular song structures is the Verse/Chorus or Verse/Chorus/Bridge structures. The most popular of which is: Verse (A), Chorus (B), Verse (A), Chorus (B), Bridge (C), Chorus (B) (and maybe a last Chorus repeat). Often referred to as ABABCB (B).

What is genius for music?

As the world's biggest music encyclopedia with a passionate community of more than two million contributors, Genius is a destination for artists, creatives, and superfans to discuss and deconstruct all things music.