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How can I drink beer without a headache?

How can I drink beer without a headache?

The National Headache Foundation provides the following useful information for the prevention of hangover headaches:Drink alcohol in moderation: sip your drink slowly!Drink mixed drinks containing fruit or vegetable juices. Alternate between alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages to minimize alcohol consumption.

What alcohol can I drink that won't give me a headache?

But a study by the British Medical Journal found that vodka is actually the least likely drink to give you a hangover: it's so pure that it contains virtually no congeners. Mixing vodka with soda or fruit juice is ideal, as sugary soft drinks can contribute to a headache the morning after the night before. But go easy.

Why does certain beer give me a headache?

Alcohol not only contains a chemical called histamine, but it also spurs your immune system to make more. This boosts inflammation throughout your body. A chemical called ethanol is alcohol's main ingredient. Once it gets into your system, it is converted into a chemical that triggers migraine.

What beer doesn't give you a hangover?

As for Coors, it was among the top with the most criteria and earned the third worst score in the Head-cracking Intensity. The least hangover-impactful beers we discovered are Samuel Adams Boston Lager (14,2) and Miller Lite (13,9).