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Does Chai mean yes in Thai?

Does Chai mean yes in Thai?

If you were to directly translate the word yes in Thai, you would get the word 'chai' (ใช่). You can also add the respective polite word onto it to show respect to whoever you are talking to. So that would be either 'chai krab' (ใช่ครับ) for males or 'chai ka' (ใช่ค่ะ) for females.

What does Mai Chai mean in Thai?


How do you say Chai in Thai?

Say “Chai” – That's right! You would use ใช่ /chây/ as “yes” to answer. ใช่ /chây/ sounds more like “That is right!”. So you would use it only when you want to confirm the statement. ใช่ /chây/ is mostly used when the question ends with “cháy-may” as a question word.

What is the meaning of Khun Chai?

and translated as "His/Her Excellency") is the title assumed by children of male Mom Chao M.C. (English) M.C. After first name Informally, they may be called Khun Chai (male) or Khun Ying (female) (คุณชาย /คุณหญิง ).