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Does Burger King serve lemonade?

Does Burger King serve lemonade?

Burger King is once again serving Frozen Strawberry Lemonade at participating locations nationwide for a limited time. While BK originally debuted Frozen Strawberry Lemonade back in 2012, the 2019 version of the frozen beverage is somewhat new in the sense that it is now made with Minute Made.

What kind of lemonade does Burger King have?


What drinks do they have at Burger King?

Value Drinks Coca-ColaCoca-Cola. 213 Cal.Diet Coke. 1 Cal.Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. 0 Cal.Sprite. 196 Cal.Sprite Zero. 3 Cal.Dr. Pepper® 190 Cal.

How much is a lemonade at Burger King?

Although their fast food menu is quite large, Burger King prices are usually more expensive than competitors. Burger King has more than 12,000 fast food restaurants in over 70 countries in the world .Burger King Menu & Prices 2021.FoodSizePriceFountain DrinkSmall$1.79Fountain DrinkMedium$2.09Fountain DrinkLarge$2.39Orange Juice$1.69