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Do They Still Make Negra Modelo Beer?

Negra Modelo is a popular Mexican beer known for its rich flavor and smooth taste. In this article, we will explore the current availability of Negra Modelo beer, delve into its brewing process, and discuss its unique flavor profile.


Negra Modelo is a well-established brand in the beer industry and continues to be produced today. It is a Munich-style dunkel lager, which means it is a dark beer with a malty character. The beer is brewed using a combination of roasted malts, giving it a deep amber color and a distinct flavor profile.


Negra Modelo is widely available in many countries, including the United States, Mexico, and various parts of Europe. It can be found in most liquor stores, supermarkets, and bars that carry a selection of international beers. Additionally, Negra Modelo is often featured in Mexican restaurants and is a popular choice among beer enthusiasts.

Brewing Process

The brewing process of Negra Modelo involves several steps to achieve its unique characteristics. It starts with the selection of high-quality ingredients, including malted barley, hops, water, and yeast. The malted barley is roasted to create the beer's dark color and rich flavor.

Once the ingredients are gathered, the brewing process begins with mashing, where the malted barley is mixed with hot water to extract sugars. This mixture, known as wort, is then boiled and hops are added for bitterness and aroma. After boiling, the wort is cooled and fermented with yeast, which converts the sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

The fermentation process takes place at low temperatures, allowing the flavors to develop slowly. Once fermentation is complete, the beer is aged for a period of time to enhance its smoothness and balance. Finally, it is filtered and carbonated before being packaged for distribution.

Flavor Profile

Negra Modelo offers a unique flavor profile that combines malty sweetness with a subtle hop bitterness. It has a medium body and a smooth, creamy texture. The beer showcases notes of caramel, toasted malt, and hints of chocolate, providing a pleasant and satisfying drinking experience. The balance of flavors makes Negra Modelo a versatile beer that pairs well with a variety of cuisines, particularly Mexican dishes.


Negra Modelo beer continues to be produced and enjoyed by beer enthusiasts around the world. Its availability in various countries and its distinct flavor profile contribute to its ongoing popularity. Whether you are a fan of dark beers or simply looking to explore different beer styles, Negra Modelo is worth trying for its rich taste and smooth character.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Negra Modelo a craft beer? A: Negra Modelo is not considered a craft beer but rather a well-established brand in the beer industry.

Q: Can I find Negra Modelo in my local liquor store? A: Negra Modelo is widely available in many countries, including the United States, and can often be found in liquor stores that carry a selection of international beers.

Q: What food pairs well with Negra Modelo? A: Negra Modelo pairs well with a variety of cuisines, particularly Mexican dishes. It complements flavors such as grilled meats, spicy foods, and rich cheeses.

Q: Does Negra Modelo have any seasonal variations? A: Negra Modelo does not have any seasonal variations. It is consistently brewed to maintain its signature flavor profile.

Q: Can I visit the Negra Modelo brewery? A: Yes, the Negra Modelo brewery in Mexico offers tours for visitors to learn more about the brewing process and the history of the brand.

Q: Does Negra Modelo have any alcohol content variations? A: Negra Modelo typically has an alcohol content of around 5.4% ABV (alcohol by volume), which remains consistent across its production.

Q: Are there any similar beers to Negra Modelo? A: Some beers that are similar in style to Negra Modelo include Dos Equis Ambar, Bohemia Obscura, and Modelo Especial.

Remember to enjoy Negra Modelo responsibly and savor its unique flavors in moderation.