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Do Taco Bell have slushies?

Do Taco Bell have slushies?

Taco Bell Freezes Freezes are frozen soda slushies available at Taco Bell. They come in various flavors.

What flavor slushies does Taco Bell have?

That's Strawberry, Pineapple Whip and signature Mountain Dew Baja Blast all mixed up into one frozen whirlwind of flavors. The rainbow array is a delight to the eye, and the perfect complement to your favorite T-Bell meal. Taco Bell released this secret menu item to the public, so we know it's going to be good.

What's Taco Bell's new slushie?

Taco Bell adds a new option to their popular Freeze lineup with the introduction of the new Cherry Twilight Freeze. The Cherry Twilight Freeze is a frozen slushy drink with tart blue raspberry flavors blended with a swirl of sweet red cherry flavor.

What is in the wild strawberry freeze?

The Wild Strawberry Freeze is a frozen beverage mixed with a strawberry-flavored syrup, while the Wild Strawberry Candy Freeze adds sweet and tart black candy seeds, similar to the candy seeds featured in the brand's Watermelon Freeze.