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Can you put coffee in a keg?

Can you put coffee in a keg?

If you put hot brewed coffee into a keg, its flavor profile will change as it cools and in the following days. Cold brew coffee maintains a consistent flavor profile and can be kept in a keg for extended periods of time.

How Long Does coffee in a keg last?

There's no oxygen to cause oxidation when the coffee is kegged, so you can go at least three or four weeks without any appreciable difference in quality.

How long does iced coffee last in keg?

SHELF LIFE : Storing your cold brew in a keg, refrigerated and under pressure with nitrogen, extends the serving life of your coffee. It will stay fresh for up to three months, although the optimal recommended time to keep and serve is usually two weeks.

How do you fill a keg with tea?

Cold Brewing Tea In Five Easy StepsMeasure out your tea.Place the tea into a filter, infuser, or pour directly into the brewing container.Fill the container with room temperature water.Chill in the refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours.Remove the tea leaves and serve!May 5, 2019

How do you take coffee on a tap?

How to Serve and Dispense Cold Brew Coffee from a Keg. Dispensing from a keg is easy, simply “tap” the keg using a coupler that engages with the valve. The coupler allows nitrogen to enter the keg and pushes the coffee out. The nitrogen used to dispense the cold brew coffee on tap is usually low pressure (10-15 psi).

How long does it take to Nitrogenate coffee?

If done traditionally, it can take beyond a couple days to properly infuse/nitrogenate coffee. With the help of our Quick Cascade™ Keg Lid, you will be able to infuse your nitro coffee in under an hour. Without the Quick Cascade Keg Lid, it can take you 2+ days to infuse your cold brew coffee with nitrogen.