Beer Info FAQ

Can you order beer on the Walmart app?

Can you order beer on the Walmart app?

The option to add alcohol to a grocery order can be done online or in the Walmart app. A personal grocery shopper will select the items ordered, including all alcoholic beverages, where a time slot can then be reserved for pickup of these items or delivery to a customer's home.

Can you order alcohol with Walmart plus?

Consumers across the country can now place online beverage alcohol orders at 2,000 stores and pick them up without leaving their cars. States where customers can order beverage alcohol through Walmart's grocery pick-up service include California, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, and New Hampshire.

Can I buy alcohol on Walmart App?

Walmart shoppers can now purchase alcohol through Walmart Grocery Pickup from 2,000 stores in 29 states, including California, Texas and Florida, the company announced. The retailer will offer mainstream brands along with local and regional selections. Spirits will be available in select locations where permitted.