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Can you make any beer Nitro?

Can you make any beer Nitro?

Bars can now serve any beer on nitro right at the point of service with the NitroBrew tabletop or the infusion module. If you don't want to offer nitro on tap, you can also use the single server kettle system's commercial bundle.

How do you make carb nitro beer?

Dispensing with beer gas The most traditional way to go about serving your nitro brew is the traditional all-beer-gas method. This procedure works by simply taking your finished beer and hooking up the beer gas at about 30—35 PSI and lettting it carbonate for 7 to 14 days before serving.

How do you bottle beer with nitrogen?

There is no way to bottle condition a beer with nitrogen. It can't be produced naturally, and therefore must be forced into the beer. On draft, nitro beer is typically pumped with a 75 percent nitrogen and 25 percent carbon solution. This mixture is known colloquially as beer gas, or Guinness gas.