Beer Info FAQ

Can you get organic beer?

Can you get organic beer?

Organic beer is brewed with organic hops, malt and yeast. You can find organic beers quite easily, as most will have 'Organic' or 'Bio' in the title. The EU Organic Certification also requires over 95% of the ingredients to be organic, with strict stipulations for the other 5%.

Which beers are sulfite free?

Just like Corona, Coors Light doesn't contain any noted sulfites. The listed ingredients are water, corn, yeast, hops, and barley malt.

Why is organic beer better for you?

Organic beer is high in Vitamin B6, so in that way, you certainly can benefit from organic beer, when consumed in moderation, such as on average one (or the most two) beers a day. Of course, there are non-alcoholic beverages made and they are considered healthier than those that aren't and those are alcoholic.

What does it mean when beer is organic?

A beer can be called “organic” if it meets the following federal guidelines: At least 95 percent of its ingredients are organically produced (e.g., no GMOs, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides).

What beer has all natural ingredients?

Organic BeersPeak Organic Nut Brown. 4.8 ABV | Brewed by Peak Organic Brewing Company. Peak Organic Amber. 4.8 ABV | Brewed by Peak Organic Brewing Company. Peak Organic Pale Ale. Peak Organic Maple Oat. Peak Organic Espresso. Wolaver's Pale. Otter Creek Organic Brown. Otter Creek Wolavers IPA.