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Can you buy Icelandic beer in the US?

Can you buy Icelandic beer in the US?

AKUREYRI, Iceland – April 20, 2017 – Einstök Ölgerð, Iceland's #1 craft brewery, has announced that its award-winning White Ale and Arctic Pale Ale will be available in 330ml cans throughout all U.S. markets beginning in May.

What is the most famous beer in Iceland?

Kaldi Blonde is the most popular bottled beer in Iceland, and it is little wonder why. Brewed in the Pilsner tradition and inspired by Czech lager, it is a coppery, golden colour, with a smooth texture and tantalising, bitter taste from the roasted malt.

Who distributes Einstok beer?

Einstök Beer launches in the GTA! Einstök Beer Company announced an expansion of its distribution footprint with the addition of the Austin and Harris County (Houston) markets as a result of the recent consolidation of distributors Hops & Vines and Ambiente Wine.

What kind of beer is Einstok?

Icelandic White Ale