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Are 40 oz beers legal in Georgia?

Are 40 oz beers legal in Georgia?

Those limits are 36 ounces of beer, which can be consumed on site, and up to 72 ounces of beer that can be taken home. Patrons can also take home up to 750 millileters of liquor from a local distillery.

How much beer can you buy from a brewery in Georgia?

There is no limit to the quantity of product that a brewery or distillery can sell per day and each purchaser may buy up to a case of beer or three 750 ml bottles of liquor per visit.

Why don't they sell 40 oz beers?

A law passed in 2012 finally allowed the sale of beer bottles larger than 16 ounces. The new limit: a comparatively whopping 25.4 ounces, a.k.a. 750 milliliters. So, sorry 40-ouncers, you're still not allowed at this party.